Sound Bites Dinner

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Join us for an explosion of sound, taste and texture…

A multi-sensory dining experience made for everyone who loves great food and music.

8 vocalists form the DeCanto acapella choir to take us on a sensory journey, pairing music to food.  The 8 singers originally met in Tom Healy’s Chamber Choir in Geelong “Vox Angelica”.   The evenings music will draw from a range of cultures including French, Spanish, Latin and English with composers that have folk and chamber music influences.

Together, we will play with sound to see if it’s the “forgotten sense” when it comes to flavour perception.

29th August, 6:30pm start time

8 dishes across 4 courses

with music paired to each dish

$65  (food only).



Whipped cod roe with loud and crunchy
Mussels, pork and spanish uptempo

Cauliflower and English cheese
Meat in the air

Bleeding lamb and sacrifice
Pumpkin with rosemary

Custard and silky smooth

*Slight menu alterations may occur

Let your senses dance and your palette sing.  An immersive experience of the senses.  Join us for this sensory overload…

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