Tulip Menu


Olives    7

Oysters with seaweed vinegar    – each 4.5

Salt and vinegar pork cracklings    8

Raw and pickled heirloom vegetables, macadamia    11

Chicken liver pate, chicken cracker, prune    – each  7

Fried halloumi, quince, hazelnut, lemon balm    – each 7

Lamb rib, smoked yoghurt, pickled celery    – each 8


Smaller Dishes

Cured fish, turnip, grapefruit, avocado    17

Fried School prawns, smoked garlic mayonnaise    16

Artichokes, button mushroom, grilled radicchio, fenugreek  19

Kangaroo tartare, cultured cream, fried onion, wood sorrel  19

Duck terrine, pistachio, raisin, piccalilli    19

Stracciatella, pickled oyster mushroom, leek, walnut   22


Larger Dishes

Salt baked celeriac, pickled red cabbage, burnt apple, saltbush    29

Fish, kipfler potatoes, leek, smoked mussels, sea parsley    MP

Roasted chicken, savoy cabbage, caramelised onion, kohlrabi, apple, cheddar    36

Beef cheek, parsnip, pickled shallot, kale    36

Pork, fermented pepper, broccoli, onion weed, prawn vinaigrette    36

Half lamb shoulder (550g) on the bone with smoked eggplant (25 mins cooking time)    40

Whole lamb shoulder (1.1kg) on the bone with smoked eggplant (45 mins cooking time)    75

Grass fed rib eye (1Kg) with spiced butter (30mins cooking time)    100



Fried potatoes, sour cream, chive   13

Roasted pumpkin, smoked seeds, fetta, saltbush    13

Cos leaves, pecorino, buttermilk, dill    13

Fried brussel sprouts, burnt honey    13



Dark chocolate pave, thyme ice cream    15

Rhubarb and apple fool, fennel and bay    15

Iso Bombe for 2 (Bombe Alaska, almond, meringue, wattle seed ice cream)    22

Cheese (ask your waiter about our cheese selection)    13


Chef’s selection tasting menu-

2 Waves ($50pp)

4 Waves ($75pp)

6 waves ($95pp)

*2 waves only available Tuesday – Thursday